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Pars Darou Company is one of the largest and oldest Pharmaceutical Companies in Iran which belongs to Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Holding, the largest Pharmaceutical Holding in the Country.
Pars Darou Company was established by Germany’s Bayer Company under the name of Bayer Pharma in an area of about 25000m2 at the east side of Tehran in 1960 and was put into operation in 1962.
The main aim of Pars Darou Company during nearly half a century has been the satisfying of physicians and patients by providing pharmaceutical products with high efficiency and quality.
Production in an area of 4200m2 is carried out based on International GMP principles. The annual production capacity of the Company is 1,500,000,000 tablets, 200,000,000 capsules, 6,000,000 bottles of oral suspension, 25,000,000 tubes of cream, ointment & gel and 4,000,000 bottles of solution
The total area of the warehouses is 9890m2 in which International GSP principles have been implemented carefully.
The Quality Control Laboratory is in an area of 500m2. The Laboratory has been designed according to International GLP principles. The analysis is performed in accordance with the latest International Standard of Pharmacopoeia.
Pars Darou has an independent R&D laboratory which was launched in 1986. New products are formulated in this laboratory in order to improve the quality of products and provide opinions of customers.
IMS Certification was received after the implementation of Integrated Management System requirements in 2002 and Laboratory Quality Management (ISO17025) in 2002 as the first Iranian Pharmaceutical Company in Iran. TQM Certification was received according to EFQM as the 1st Pharmaceutical Company in the Middle East in 2002. Certification from Iran’s National Productivity and Business Excellence Award in 2003, 2004 & 2005. Obtaining Certification from Iran’s National Food, Drugs and Health Quality Award in 2011 & 2012.
Pars Darou Company was changed into public joint stock in 1994. The Company always tries to increase the value for shareholders and stakeholders. In this regard, the Company has invested in 52.5 percent of shares of Farabi Pharmaceutical Company, 20 percent of shares of Hejrat Distribution Company and 20 percent of shares of Amin Pharmaceutical Company.
Pars Darou’s original mission is to create sustainable value for shareholders and stakeholders by continuously applying the principles of quality, personnel empowerment, and product development based on customer needs in order to set superior picture in the minds of customers.
Nowadays, Pars Darou Company with more than half a century of experience and production of more than 60 pharmaceutical tries to achieve a good position in the country and is considered to be one of the top five companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Iran by using strategic planning.